Reflective Supervision Registry

IAIECMH provides the Registry as a service to its membership. These individuals do not provide services on behalf of IAIECMH as employees, agents, or any other representative of IAIECMH.  Any action, advice, or services provided by such individuals are not endorsed or facilitated by IAIECMH.  IAIECMH does not receive payment or participate in the arrangements or contract negotiations, and these individuals do not represent IAIECMH in any way.

All arrangements between those included on the Registry and those seeking their services will be made without further IAIECMH involvement. That is, the scheduling of any training, consultation or supervision commitments as well as any fees or other agreements will be made directly between the trainer/consultant and individual/program seeking the service. If you are interested in inquiring about one or more of the training, consultation or supervision services listed on the Registry, please contact the individual directly to discuss specifics.

This Registry is not exhaustive, rather the following individuals have indicated their willingness to provide RSC to IAIECMH Endorsement® applicants. Those listed below have agreed to have their contact information shared in this way. If you are interested in having your information added to this list, please contact