IMH Endorsement



What is Endorsement®?

Endorsement® is a process that supports and recognizes the development of professionals who work with or on behalf of infants, toddlers, and their families.  This process uses a nationally recognized set of competencies that helps define best practice and guides professional growth. Endorsement does not replace licensure or certification, but is intended to recognize and document an individual’s knowledge and skills in infant mental health.

Who can apply?

All professionals who have experience working with or on behalf of infants, toddlers, parents, and/or other caregivers and meet the educational, work, training, and reflective consultation requirements as specified for each category are encouraged to apply.

Why apply for the Endorsement (IMH-E®)?

  • To grow and develop as a professional in the rapidly expanding infant and family field
  • To be recognized by employers and peers for having attained a level of competency in culturally sensitive, relationship-focused practice that promotes infant mental health
  • To better support the infants, toddlers, families, students, agencies, and institutions in the promotion of infant mental health

What are the categories for Endorsement (IMH-E®)?

  • Category 1 – Infant Family Associate
  • Category 2 – Infant Family Specialist
  • Category 3 – Infant Mental Health Specialist
  • Category 4 – Infant Mental Health Mentor (Clinical, Policy or Research/Faculty)
Competency Guidelines

Application and Submission Fees

Begin the application process by paying registration fees. 

Pay Registration Fees

After completing your application, pay your submission fees.

Pay Submission Fees

Congratulations to these endorsed members! 

Rhonda Rairden-Nelson, IFA, Des Moines

Amber Foley, IFS, Akeny

Stephanie McFarland, IFS, Des Moines

Gladys Alvarez, IMHM-C, Des Moines

Billie Jo Clausen, IMHS, Lake View

Cyanna Claiser, IMHS, Des Moines

JaCarie Owens, IFS, Des Moines

Kellie Patterson-Liebeseller, IFS, West Des Moines

Angela Mussman, IFS, Waterloo

Kere Hughes-Belding, IFA, Story City

Nikolyn Kredit, IMH-E®

Megan Hasley, IMH-E®